What's Missing in Your Man Toolkit

We aren't talking about power tools this time, but we are talking about that distinguished edge that is made prominent with our nifty man tools that we carry at the Branding Iron. One of our favorite things about our business is the relationships we are able to build. Some of the most special relationships we have are with the local Makers. These are our local artisans and friends. They are the lifeblood of a unique business like ours, as we proudly display and sell the goods and those nifty tools they have crafted with their hardworking hands. Today we would like to feature two products from one of our favorite Makers – Chad Hawkins. He is a good friend of the family here at Branding Iron and an enthusiastic supporter of everything we aim to accomplish.


In case you haven't noticed or taken a look at our Instagram (@brandingirontx), we are a shop that caters to the Manly Man. Although we have a multitude of built to last products for any style a man has, our grooming products for beards are a staple. We believe in strong hearts and full beards. Those full beards need attention to detail in order to keep up with the lumberjacks. They also need to be tangle-free and coiffed to perfection. With a beard comb, that is possible! Luckily, our friend Chad has the same vision for beards all across Texas. He created a unique beard comb (they come in multiple sizes). Not only can you comb your beard and keep it soft, you can also pop open a cold one with its built-in bottle opener feature. Personally impressed with the sleek design and utilitarian approach, I was eager to chat with Chad for a moment about his product to glean more insight into its production. He shared some pro tips with me. As always, we are happy to hear about sustainable products. And the beard comb is just that. Coming from recycled stainless steel, the steel's design is cut with a laser, painted, and taken through a finishing process to make it smooth and easy to use. We love Chad's work and are happy to encourage others to enjoy it as well.


After you are finished combing your beard and drinking your beer, you might start to feel a bit restless. That's okay, and we understand. We understand so much so that we carry Chad's “fidget gadget.” It's essentially the modern equivalent of a worry stone. Its effective design allows you to spin it with any of your digits and keep your mind and hands stimulated long enough for you to drink the rest of those beers sitting there in the refrigerator. Or, if you are not quite of age, you can take it with you to school and it is sure to help you focus as you take that nerve-wracking exam. We think it's pretty cool, and again we think it's even cooler that the bearings held within the brass protector are locally sourced. We are always excited to know that our economy and its resources are being used to a fuller potential.


That full potential starts with you, and we hope you'll come by soon and check out some of these awesome products and that you'll take them home with you.


Stay sustainable,

Jenna at the Branding Iron