Made in America...Why It's Important

The New Year is upon us, and as promised, here we are – ready to serve you and keep you engaged. We also hope to Open Minds to the Possibilities we can conquer and the Duties we have as American citizens. A question we often encounter in our daily commerce, “Why made in America?” And more pressing, “Why is that so important?” We would like to remind our esteemed customers of our mission at the Branding Iron, and that is this, “We do our very best to source only the Finest products, and whenever possible we source locally. Our goal is to support our neighbors. Our desire is to help our County, State, and Local economies. We Strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations!” We take great pride in finding products that are not only unique to the tastes of our local consumer but contain neat background stories as well. As the weeks unfold in 2017, we will be sharing stories with you about the products we carry.


The luster in these stories we like to share is grounded in a sense of national pride and the entrepreneurial spirit. A pride we often take for granted – the pioneers before us knew the value of a dollar and the work it cost to produce it. That same spirit of grit is alive within the walls of our small business, and the many small businesses within our community. The difference starts in your hometown. As the popular Florida Georgia Line song goes, “May we all get to grow up in our red, white, and blue little town.” Part of growing up in a town that hasn't fully forgotten the value of individuals producing goods for the consumer with integrity and cost effectiveness is getting to know your customer. The Personableness we believe in. We find that this Personableness translates to inspire others in their individual success. And collectively, this is where we have a restored sense of national pride For The People. 

Along with these Values we mentioned, we also believe in our Duties as responsible citizens. Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech in 1910 at Sorbonne in Paris, wherein he described an age of citizens more conscious of their rights than of their duties. What a timely word over a century later in 2017. These Duties generalized are to contribute to the local economy, maintain a solid work ethic, build a foundation for materialism in order to grow to the loftier ideals – a higher sense of self, so to speak. So, we say: work hard, join our cause for more locally sustainable products, shop local, keep growing, and do your research!