H2O, Agua, Water... The Stuff of Life

Is your skin not as clear as it used to be? Are you feeling fatigued? Did you just embark on a hike in the national forest? Are you about to backpack through Europe? Do you have a long day in the office and need a companion? I have a suggestion! A heartily backed one. DRINK SOME WATER! Most of us probably drink 20-40 oz of water per day, if we are lucky. We should really be drinking about half our body weight in water, or of course the standard suggestion of 64 oz. It's one of the most essential elements of life, if not the most. It nourishes our souls, it satiates an appetite we almost filled with Taco Bell (or maybe we did), it rejuvenates skin, and is overwhelmingly refreshing to your entire bodily system. I've heard many people say “I just don't like water.” Um, excuse me? You don't like the most nourishing element needed to sustain and foster every part of your body's system? That's a shame. And, look I get it, we're busy, and well... most of us are addicted to sugar, and thus crave sugary drinks that do not remotely resemble h2o. But let's get with the program!


That being said, here at the Branding Iron, we are always carrying around water bottles (spring, preferably) and our RTIC's or Yeti's (this is not a paid advertisement, although if you're listening – I will plug your company any day of the week). Those stainless steel drink containers of yours can also be customized here at our shop – email us for more info! But that isn't the point of today's post.


Today, I am here to tell you all about the fantastic company and product known as Liberty Bottleworks. Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes we are in a quick fix and we grab a plastic water bottle. While we are happy you are consuming your daily quota of h2o, we would much prefer you consider the environment as well. I won't bore you or guilt you about the animals dying around the world from all the plastic waste, that would just be a fear tactic, and that's not my style. Liberty Bottleworks has taken it upon themselves to create a recycled, aluminum, BPA free, American-made water bottle that identifies with your personality – with many different custom designs,. They are also made to sustain the environment and look cool on your hip or in your hand as you sustain yourself with the gift of life. We carry over 12 custom designs here in our shop, and of course because I'm a strong independent woman, my personal favorite is the Rosy the Riveter bottle.


We are pleased to carry the vessels of life here in our shop, and we hope you'll stop by and check out our selection or shop them online.


Also – if interested, feel free to email us or call us for more information about how you can customize your own design with Liberty Bottleworks for an individual or for groups!


Drink some agua!

936-494-1144 or jenna@brandingirontx.com