All Things Texas

I was born in Harris County and was quickly transplanted to Montgomery County a few short 4 years later. Growing up, I knew my hometown was special and that the pride of a tightly woven community ran deeply through the seams of Conroe's heritage. I did not however fully recognize the breadth of its rich historical bone marrow, nor did I realize the fact that I was firmly planted in the midst of bona-fide Texas History. That's right, my hometown sits smack dab in the thoroughfare that helped generate a grand symbol to be reckoned with – the Texan flag.


Montgomery County is credited for being the birthplace of the Texan flag. Although the flag's designation dates back to 1839, the official recognition came over 150 years later in 1997, as documented in H.R. No. 1123 Resolution by the Texas House of Representatives of the 75th Texas Legislature. Dr. Charles B. Stewart of Montgomery County is credited as the creator of the original Lone Star Flag. Its full history is on display at the Montgomery County Heritage Museum in Conroe. Although the flag was not necessarily created in Conroe, its close affiliation and commemoration thereafter is nestled in the heart of Conroe.


It should come as no surprise to our faithful followers that we care about patriotism and honoring our roots. As such, we think it is important to share the symbolism of the Lone Star Flag and how that relates to our business practices and the type of products we carry in our shop. First and foremost, the red represents the bloodshed by the men and women who fought for our not only for our country but for our republic and subsequently our state. The white represents the purity of Texan pride and its heart for friendly values, commerce, and trade. The blue represents the valor of our ancestors in battles for our country. And last but certainly not least is the solo white star, which can be seen as its ode to being an independent republic at one point. As such, we honor our veterans and we support independent, local business practices and hope to bring patriotism, cheer, and commerce to our valued customers.


In respect to our great state and being seated in the middle of its birthplace, we have created a unique shirt with a design crafted in-house to bring to your house. You can shop our Texas tee online. In honor of Go Texan Day this weekend, we hope you'll consider our states' values next time you see that beautiful banner waving in the wind.