A Leader Born of Style

It is one of our distinct honors to partner with local Makers and companies who Hand Design their products with careful attention to detail. Today we are featuring one of those companies – a company rich with American history. Duluth Pack is one of the brands we carry at the Branding Iron. We have several of their uniquely designed packs here in the store, and one of our favorite best-sellers is the Bison Leather Traveler's Portfolio. Its design, durability, and style appeal are a few of the merits we appreciate.


With humble beginnings in 1882, Duluth Pack has paved its own way in a marketplace often riddled with imposters of quality. Their proven track record of satisfied customers and glaring profitability give us the assurance we need to sell their products with full confidence. We are tightly held to the lifestyle of keeping it local, keeping it ethical, and bringing it to a small town near you, and we trust that Duluth Pack also maintains this ideal. Duluth caught an interesting break in 1917 when they moved from their original location and began selling their packs to Abercrombie and Fitch. With this momentum, their production increased and they became more widespread to national and local vendors, like us. As the decades shifted and took on new development, i.e. air travel, so did the design of the products. A century later, and they are still producing high quality products.


One recent development worth mentioning was their opportunity to create packs for the popular band, Maroon 5. This is what Keath Krueger and Adam Levine have in common; they both carry Duluth packs! As featured in the headlining photo of this blog, you find our owner and chief product scout sporting the Traveler's Portfolio. Its tested durability and high quality Bison Leather as its casing gives it the perfect edge for the savvy businessman. Its boast-worthy nature also includes a lifetime warranty, with a hand-signed tag on the inside of the bag featuring the Maker who individually crafted the briefcase. When that businessman pulls out his notes at an executive board meeting, other members are likely to snap their heads in awe as they admire the artisan quality stitched throughout this high quality bag.


We hope to keep inspiring our readers to think inside the American marketplace and to join wholeheartedly in our vision for small business – the patriotic symbol of our belief in hard work, the entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to quality.



Jenna at the Branding Iron